*This form is for new accounts in areas that are already serviced by BTS.* 

Use this form if you want to switch to our service or have recently moved into the community of - Southern Platte        County, Parkville, COUNTY portion of Platte City, or Pleasant Valley.

Step 1: Fill out and attach this form on top of your bags or trash can in CLEAR view.​​​

Step 2:​ Our employees will pick up your garbage, and return the form to our office where you will be entered into the system as a customer.

Step 3: A container on wheels (if not already supplied) will be delivered.

Step 4: Every 3 months a bill is generated and mailed (please note your first bill may be pro rated depending on when 
service activation started with-in our quarterly billing).​

Name: First__________________ Last_________________________
Service/Billing Address:__________________________________​​​​​
_____________City__________________ Zip Code____________​___
Valid Contact Number________________________​​ Start Date_________________                               
'Check our resume ask your neighbor or a friend'
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