In 2010 Blacksher Trash Service diverted 130 Tons of Recyclealble Materials.
In 2011 Blacksher Trash Service diverted 165 Tons of  Recycleable Materials. 
In 2012 Blacksher Trash Service diverted 225 Tons of Recycleable Materials.
2013-2016 our Recyclable Material has rose to a little over
​400 tons​
Interesting Ways To Recycle
-Donations (donate-shoes,clothes,furniture etc.)
-Planet Aid Boxes/DAV boxes
-Most thrift stores pick up your unwanted and unused items in your community curbside, such as DAV-Ozanam-Big Brother  Big sisters (call to schedule pick-up).
-Old used towels can be donated to your local animal shelter to help out our furry friends
-Start a compost pile for food scraps and yard waste-(grass and leaves). This makes for a great garden and family time/education
 RECYCLE these items
-Paper (ALL paper), phonebooks, magazines, junk mail
-Plastics (#'s 1-7)milk jugs, water bottles, Pop bottles
-Cardboard- Corregated, pizza boxes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes etc.
-Tin-soup cans, popcorn tins and small pieces of tin
-SMALL pieces of metal and aluminum
                    NO PESTICIDE BOTTLES
                    NO USED OIL BOTTLES
                    NO GLASS
Glass can be taken to your nearest Ripple Glass container to be recycled.      (Currently not accepted curbside)

"Recycle responsibly"

                      -no sorting required-