Proper preparation of disposed materials and knowledge of required precaution is essential for our safety and the environment.
*Paint must be placed with the lid(s) OFF, all contents must hard or mixed with some hardening agent. Paint hardener can be purchased  at most local hardware stores. The best way to dispose of paint is through a paint recycling participant - check your local household hazardous waste participation usually hosted yearly through your county or city.   

​*Used oil can be recycled at most auto part stores and is not accepted with household trash as it is hazardous.

*Pesticides​​, Solvents, Cleaning Supply Solvents, Hazardous solvents and materials THESE ITEMS AE NOT ACCEPTED

*Halogen bulbs must be taped together and bagged.​​
​​                                                                                           BULKY ITEMS
*Carpet and carpet padding must be rolled into sections no longer than 6 feet and tied - also free of tacks​​, staples or anything that may stab the crew. Contractor disposal not accepted residential customers only (must be a customer) as this is a customer service. Prices vary as amounts vary carpet may only be collected with payment received at time of disposal - average fee is $75-$300 for carpet removal ask crew for price or call for an approved price.

*Sheetrock must be manageable sizes, not wet, small pieces bagged. No nails, screws or sharp objects that may poke our crew. No contractor debris accepted (must be a customer) collected for a fee quoted only. Call for prices.

*Wood must be cut in 4-6 feet lengths only, no nails, screws or sharp objects that may poke the crew. Customers only! Collected for a fee prices vary​​ with quantity/amount.

*Regardless of what materials being placed please place no more than 3feet from the curb - clear of cars, mailboxes and any obstructions the day of normal trash collection. Thank you!​​​​